And you think YOU have it bad…?

William Cannon Johnson was born in 1849 in Carroll or Winston County, Mississippi. Lydia Jeanette Carver (also known as Lydia Junnette Carver) was born in 1852 in Winona which is part of Montgomery County, Mississippi. They were married in 1871 or 1872 in Grenada County, Mississippi. These are my 2nd great grandfather and grandmother (they are my mother’s mother’s mother’s parents).

Oh, for people that knew Aunt Ethel (Ethel McCoy Johnson Utton), this is her dad.

They had twelve children born between them starting in 1872 and going until 1895! Unfortunately, seven had passed away by 1915 (and five of those in a 22 day span)!

Yes, you read that correctly. Five of their children died between September 10th and October 2nd of 1891. All of these died due to complications from Typhoid fever due to moving to a new homestead with a contaminated well.

Their two oldest children, both girls, died at ages 18 and 17 in September. Then within two days of each other the three other children died at ages 9, 7, and 5.

These are the stories I think about when I start to throw a pity party for myself.  I will never have it as bad as they lived it!

You can check out the basic stats I have of their family here.

And you can check out a copy of the 1915 obituary for William Johnson here.