What Am I?

Or… Where do I come from?

One of the reasons people take DNA tests is to figure out their genetic history. They want to prove their connection to a certain place, race, or ethnicity.

Lately, I’ve seen commercials where people were surprised they had Native American ancestry… or they thought they were from one region and their DNA says they’re from another… In my family, we’ve always been told that we had some Cherokee blood… but none is indicated in my DNA (maybe it’s too diluted by generations to be seen).

Now I’m just wondering how accurate all of this “science” is…

I just got an email from MyHeritage that provided me their interpretation of my ethnicity:

Ethnicity Data from MyHeritage


What’s interesting, however, is that my earlier report from Ancestry is a quite different:

Ethnicity Data from Ancestry


So now I’m confused!  Am I European? Or English? Looking at this table, there is a huge difference in my percentages…

  Ancestry MyHeritage
West Europe 44 20
Ireland 32 16
Great Britain 9 49
Iberian 7 15
Other 2

When you get right down to it, however, there are no real surprises to me except the “Iberian” connection.  Through my genealogical research, I knew most of my ancestry came from the United Kingdom (Ireland & England) and much came from Germany/France.  The only odd thing that I can’t really find is the “Iberian” connection.

But, as both companies will tell you, these numbers are only estimates based on statistics.  So there is enough slop in the forumlae so that you can’t determine accurately what your genetics tell you – at least not yet.

Maybe in the future, there will be a breakthrough.  For now, these systems are more like guesstimates!  From all of this information, I’m putting down my “Iberian” connection down to the built in slop (fudge factors) in the science.