About Me

Shannon - Retired Submariner
Shannon – Retired Submariner

I’ve been researching my family history since the 90s ever since I went to a couple family reunions.  It wasn’t until I retired that I started getting into it with more intensity.

I’ve been using the Family Tree Maker software since the DOS days (for you young whipper-snappers – that is before Microsoft Windows was developed). And, since 2008, I have been keeping the history and research up to date not only on my computer but also at Ancestry.com.  Lately, I’ve also obtained subscriptions to Newspapers.com (a historical newspaper database) and Fold3.com (a historical military database). And, I’ve gotten involved with the Find A Grave website trying to find the graves and tombstones of my family (and, in the process, helping others find their family’s markers).

And, since that is obviously not enough, I’ve decided to start a blog about all of this. So, I’ll be writing some articles about some of the research I’ve done along with articles about some family stories and legends I’ve come across.

So welcome to what I’ve found.

Oh – and if you’re interested in Mariel’s and my preparation to go full time RVing (after selling the house and most everything in it) – check out our Wandering With Us blog.

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